Last night it was so windy…..How windy was it?  I thought it would blow the flag down.  I expected big trees in the road and perhaps the loss of electricity.  But today only a few strewn branches, the sun is peeking through the blue sky and the birds are flying, should be a good one. 

Tennis was last night.  The rain pounding on the metal roof.  The thunder sounded like a bulldozer driving over the roof.  Little drips on the court.  Driving was a bit testy, but I was in the passenger seat.  We had a great set. 

We use to play on Wednesday and wondered why the bad weather was always on our night.  The puddles on court 4 were much bigger.  Last night was our first Monday storm this year.  Rain on a metal roof, echoing through a large metal building, just sounds more intense.  Guess it can rain on any day of the week.