There have been a few mysterious happening here lately and I’ve been taking the heat for it.  Just a few things that have disappeared and were chalked up to my filing system.  You see I like a place for everything and everything in its place….you might not realize this as you walk into my home but that’s the way it is in my head.   Well over the holidays my daughter sent me a recipe for Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail.  I shopped for the ingredients and then posted the recipe on my refrigerator. 

Christmas afternoon the recipe was nowhere be found and although we could easily look online, its disappearance made me wonder.  My daughter even commented on her effort to mail it to me and then I lose it. 

Well this week while watching the boys another missing item….a baby Pteranodon (a dinosaur that goes with the Christmas lego set).  Now dinosaurs are not just terrible lizards that roamed th earth millions of years ago, they are the new reason to live if you’re a 2-3 year old and the biggest fans of PBS Dinosaur Train.  So being the ever attentive Memere I set out to find the missing Pteranodon and set the world back on its axis.   

In the process I find the Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail recipe:  it was in kitchen footstool. 

See the handle hole on top….that’s a favorite hiding place for all things small.  The Pteranodon was not there but the recipe was and now I know when you leave things in the reach of a two-year old they probably won’t be there when next you look. 

Another mystery is the coat closet light.  M has reminded me numerous times; not to leave it on.  As I am the only one to hang coats in the closet it must be me that leaves the light on causing a larger carbon footprint( no one wants that).  

So though I’m no Sherlock Holmes I have figured out a few of life’s little mysteries here at the homestead, but I’ll never tell.

Oh, the Pteranodon was found about three hours later by sheer accident.  It was under the dinosaur cave lair.