I’ve heard that many bird feeders are being passed up for the grand number of wild berries out there in  the woodlands and fields …and I believe it. 

A few years back I got thrilled when I saw these bright red berries along the cranberry bogs I visit often.  Then M and I would drive along the highway and I’d see them a mile off.  Each sighting like a treasure …there’s one!   Last year we passed a newly landscaped building and they had a large cluster of these bushes.  M went in to ask the owners if they knew the name of the bush, because now I was hooked I wanted one in my backyard ( no more jumping brooks, briars, and the law to claim my prize).  No one knew but the very accommodating secretary would find out for us. 

Turns out it’s a  winterberry holly.  I researched a bit online and I could by 100 @ $20.00 a piece…not quite my price range; but I haven’t given up.

Any way this year I can not believe my eyes as we drive along the streets of ET, my hometown.  Look over there wow! Here are a few shots:  winterberry  holly


 These beautiful purple ones: American Beauty Berry…  also briar berries, cedar berries, juniper and so many more.  The birds are  happy and so am I.