Lots of folks are out and about in the hustle and bustle of Black Friday.  But me and mine are chillin at home with the left overs…soup to make….sandwiches to lunch on….cream to be topped on…libations to be sipped on and games to be won or lost.

Yes, we had the cribbage play-off I think I was the champ and Yahtzee it ended in a tie with 2 for me and 2 for A, P 0.  M was sad that he was left out so we restart the game and  asI was explaining the options are like poker…3 of a kind…full house… as many…..”No, No, No, This requires too much thought”  and back he went to his computer. 

He did reheat dinner for us….lots of soup left but the turkey is pretty much history.  Now that’s a November to remember.