Our family enjoyed a wonderful meal. …thanks to all for the help….I was in charge of the turkey and he wasn’t cooperating.  So dinner was delayed but delicious.  As everyone else tackled the dishes I took the boys out in the wet grass for a walk.  William was on my a shoulders, Harry had two trucks that he wanted to dig in the dirt with but he was a good boy and listened to his Memere.  William was happy up top for a while but soon he started to wiggle and I put him in the little green car.  It has a tow rope now and that was fun for both of us.  Now it was Harry’s turn for a ride but he is soooo big he has to sit parade style, like the mayor on the back with his feet on the seat.  So I thought what a photo op….. put Will in front…..  E was there now with her camera by now…. however Will was not going to sit there and he won the struggle. 

Last week after baby sitting A asked about pictures and I just didn’t get any.  I didn’t even take it out.  I still carry it always ….but photo ops are few and far between.