What have we seen? 

 M’s back has been pretty bad now for two weeks (drs, xrays, MRI, the pharmacy) I’ve been doing most of the driving leaving little time for much else but I did score a few photos.

 It is intersting to note when I took this photo I did not see the shadow.  So much for my powers of observation.

I like this Coke vs Pepsi, because I wonder who is winning that battle.  Being a Coke-a- holic myself I don’t know what pepsi brings to the fight . Coke being invented first does have that advantage.  Pepsi didn’t come along til 7 years later.   There was a Pepsi distributor in Taunton and the garage down the street from me sold Pepsi so I have experimented with it, but Coke’s the one for me.  So is the lower price a sign of superior product or are the chasing Pepsi’s tail so to speak.