I really love cooking shows.  Especially the shows with contests, i.e. Iron Chef and the The Next Iron Chef.  I think it makes these professionals more like real cooks who splash and drop and set things on fire while trying to cope with everyday life.  The ticking clock is reality creeping into their world of a perfect pantry.  So they have the best equipment, the best ingredients, but they have to get it done in 60 minutes with help from very capable friends. 

Hey everyday cooks do so much more with less.  And isn’t that the way things are now. 

Any way I’m reading Julie & Julia by Julie Powell and I really like it….better than cooking shows.  This is real cooking, in a real kitchen, in a real world, with a bit of laughter and craziness for good measure. This is my book of the year and I’ve waited so long.  I might even cook something French.