Ah November…the warmth of the summer sun is replaced by the warmth of  families  gathering and the smell wood smoke in the air. 

The days are getting shorter and we’re spending more time indoors.  So now that means fall cleaning and fall cooking .

Last night we had chicken and dumplings and a tiramisu of sorts.  M had bought a bag of lady fingers with a recipe for tiramisu a month ago.  He’s been bugging me to make the recipe; and I did try one day, but needed mascarpone cheese. 

Since I now had all the ingredients, and the weather was blah, and the Patriots were not playing; so I assembled the tiramisu.  There was no cooking just mixing and layering.  It had to set in the refrigerator for 2 hours.   I had extra lady fingers and egg whites; so M came up with another smaller recipe; of ladyfingers dipped in a coffee and Kahlua and topped with a meringue.  Our neighbors stopped by and we demolished the meringue.

I thought the mascarpone had a sharp taste and thought the sugar would eliminate that but it was still there.   Got a bit mushy over night, I’d serve it after 2 hours in refrigerator for better results.  Everyone else loved it. IMG_5407