I have been having trouble with my wireless connection. My computer could no longer find my wireless network.  It simply would not work unless I had my computer right on the desk in front of the router.  Which made for much difficulty when M wanted to use his computer.  So after a trip to my favorite computer guy, it appears that our new phone system is interfering with the wireless network. 

I called  my ISP, Verizon and finally got through to Frank who remotely took control of my computer and changed the channel of my router, which now allows me to connect at the table but not at my desk.  He explained that a wireless network is like rabbit ears for our old TV sets and when you got it just right at 9:00 on CBS it wasn’t right for ABC at 10:00.  So now I can connect at the table but who knows if that will work tomorrow, with Halloween just around the corner perhaps a nice pair of rabbit ears are in order.  Anyone got an extra pair.