So much to say but the words don’t always come out right.  I wanted to mark this occasion reflecting  on what has happen the past 21 months…done in a Billy Joel “We Didn’t Start the Fire” tribute.

Retire, Start a blog, Saying nothing, in a Fog,

Watch the Birds, and the Boys, playing with their little toys,

I didn’t write the best stuff,

But I kept on writing though it’s not exciting

 Bowfire, Champions, Patriots season only 1

 Amaryllis, Sunflowers, Pumpkins growing by the hour,

Babysitting photographs, sixty birthday cards and laughs,

Les Mis, Celtic pride, Learning hurricanes surprise…

40 year reunion, looking better having fun,

Trick or Treat, Art Show, Yard work don’t ya know,

Thanksgiving Blessings, Snowplowing lessons,

Birthday bouquet, getting older every day…

Good luck, Skidoo, Woodpile, Dreams a new,

Big snowman sleepovers, Spring ahead watch for clover,

Magic Hat, Winning chair, Traveling everywhere,

Rainy spring and summer, Garden’s been a bummer…

Madison, Wisconsin, Reading is a lot of fun,

Tracking Indian mounds, Bowling Tournament astounds

Beach Boys, Beach Book,

Take another long look…