I’ve always been a kind of fan of bugs and usually don’t get bit,  but somehow I got bit 5 times in the past 2 days and they are big and itchy.   I didn’t feel or see the culprit but just start itching…the more I itched the bigger the bites got.   I am so trying not to itch but sometimes my clothing will brush them and I start itching and I can’t stop.  My little nephew in ME had a number of nasty bites on his leg and mever complained a bit so I know I just have to chill.

Well last night on my way to bed I spotted this big  brown beetle bug on the floor about 2-3 inches long with black antennae.  I scooped him up in a cup and showed him to M.  He said he had seen one just like it by the garage…he stepped on it and but it on the steps added my find. 

This morning we are greeted with the very big song of the cicada.  I don’t think the 2 we found were cicada because the black antennae were over and inch long, but it does say this is the buggy time of year.

Here’s a video with nice music from enya very nicely done and not too creepy.