M and I headed up to visit NMRN, she had a few days off and what better way to spend them ……with your parents.   Well we’ve had a great time.  She showed me this spot…The Cady’s Falls Nursery…what beautiful gardens to walk among and so many rare fines.  I must have taken 50 photos, I’ll share some later.   I wanted to purchase something but couldn’t make up my mind.  Next time!

We then pack a quick lunch in the cooler and headed to Caspian Lake.  The temperature was 85 and the humidity was up there too.  Lots of folks had the same idea but there was plenty of room to spread our blanket and catch some rays.  Of course we cooled off in the crystal clear water, it was very refreshing.

We also got to celebrate our anniversary at Hidden Country Restaurant, they’re famous for their prime rib so you know what M had, I got ham and mashed potatoes( home made yumminess), NMRN had a seafood medley, and VTMan had lasagna but he wouldn’t recommend it.  Last night we stopped by The Belfry in Montgomery…pub food and beer but the favorite of both nights was the Maple Cream Pie.  We had a taste test and M thought they both had good points but we all agree we want it again.  Perhaps there is a recipe in NMRN’s VT Cooking book she got her Dad for Father’s Day.

Today we are off to ME, one of our favorites spots, should be a big challenge game of Ping Pong.  I want a win and I’ve got a secret weapon.