It’s zucchini season again my neighbor asked if I wanted some of hers and some one dropped three beauties at my sister’s.  So watch out  the zucchini bandit could be in your neighborhood.  These are my first two.first z They cooked up nice but their seeds where a bit tough.   My garden has been very wet this year with little sun and rabbits that eat the beans.  It was nice to pick my first fruit because it truely is the saddest little garden I have ever had.   The highlight right now is the asparagus…. we planted it last year and read that you shouldn’t harvest til year three….it’s big and there is plenty growing.   Peas were a bust.  Tomatoes slow.   I’d have to say too much rain and rabbits …not enough sun.  Oh yeah it’s raining again.  It  was heavy all night long I’m prepared for leakage but nothing yet TG.