I know it’s been a week since my last post but all of a sudden my life has been speeding along with no time for computer or blogging.

A and I  took a tour of  Talieson, Frank Lloyd Wright’s house in Spring Green, Wisconsin  a National Historical Landmark.   The tour was 1 hour outside and 1 hour inside, no cameras or bags are allowed in the house and I noticed the web site has a couple of slide shows, but I got some great shots of the grounds.  I really enjoyed our guide and my next trip to the library will include a few books about Mr. Wright.  Also noticed his style was everywhere: the airport, the grocery store, and signs around  the capital.  Wisconsin is certainly proud of their native son.  He does have a large portrait of his mom in his living room so he won a spot in my heart.  One of the tour  surprises was a bat that flew right between A and me… I knew right away it was a bat, some one said “Oh look a bird” the second time it flew by me some one said it was a bat.  The third time it came by I decided to move; but it never returned.  Our guide never skipped a beat, she just  kept up her story, never acknowledging the little intruder.    14 FLW 1 19 5 11 3 25 26