House on the Rock is billed as Wisconsin’s Number One Tourist attraction.  Antique Road Show did a shoot there and I can’t wait to see that show when it airs. 

 The web site boasts a resort, a spa, and a golf course that all look quite impressive.   The house is like an incredible menagerie  of side show, carnival, antique shop, and flea market rolled into one.  The outside looks like it’s under construction tarps and tents everywhere.  But the impressive part for me was the Infinity Room.  Here is a shot of it at a highway overlook.  33 HOR OutLOOK  The inside was so cool ( not for those afraid of heights), it starts to shake as you walk out and you can look through the window in the floor to see the forest below….way below.  29 infinity room HOR 27 HOR Floor window  30 HOR infinity riim Al The star of the House is the Infinity Room.