Michigan…Wisconsin, I’ve always mixed up the two.  M and W sort of interchangeable in my mind;  now,  I think I’ve got it  forever.

Madison, Wisconsin…the big time?  for Little Ole Me(LOM) you betcha. 

The first thing I learned on my trip was…. where the time zones changed.  Well I guess you just don’t think of these things until you need them.  Madison Eastern Time Zone… Wisconsin Western Time Zone… So I switched planes in Detroit,  it was a flight to Los Angeles with a stop in Madison…as A was arriving in Madison first, I was concerned how long she would be waiting for me.  I asked the flight attendant what time it was…. he  looked at his watch and said”In Los Angeles it is (I don’t know what he actually said because I don’t care what time it is in LA)”….. I was more than a bit confused. 

 Each time I fly; I wonder where ever I got the idea the life of a stewardess was glamorous.  But the one thing I did know was that I left Detroit at 12:20….arrived Madison at 12:38 and the flight was 1 hour and 18 minutes long.  Thankfully A was not waiting long.

We checked into The Edgewater Hotel where we had a great view of  Lake Mendota and the Outdoor Seasonal Cafe on The Pier.  pier3 pier_roofyop  I started of with a Bloody Mary deeeeliiiicioooous.  It was topped with celery, a large slice of dill pickle, two very large olives and a slice of lemon…..now that was nice.  1 bloodynmary