A and I wanted to get right into our travels so after the refreshments we headed out to discover The Indian Mounds at Mendota Mental Health Institute.  A quick stop at the Administration building for a map and you’ll be on your way….that’s what the guide had said.  We stopped on Thursday evening at 5:00, they closed at 4:30 try again tomorrow. 

Friday up and out early…. we decide, after consulting a few maps, we can find the mounds on our own.  There is a public park nearby and surely the mounds could be found easily enough, as they boast an eagle with a 283 foot wing span.  After the nightly TStorm we grab our walking shoes,  camera, and binoculars… the area is quite wet.  We park under a large sign that welcomes the public and posts a few simple rules.  I snapped a few photos on the lake shore7 lake menona and we spotted a few birds (summer vegetation a great place to hide) but heard many more;  when this white car comes up the road, spots us, and zooms right in….MMHI security;  we are welcome but no cameras, patient confidentiality laws.    We apologize and head to the car to stow the offending camera (It’s why I have no photos of the mounds but here is one I found on line).rabbit efigy After rereading the rules…it says nothing about cameras…we wonder why we didn’t ask the guard about the mounds.  Zoom he’s back, we flag him down and he politely points out that the admin building  will give us a map and know that we are on the grounds (and we’re not escapees).  He also points out the cat mound we passed just up the road to the admin building.  Yes we stopped at the Admin Building got the appropriate permission and guide map.  We did see the eagles, a panther, a bear, and a deer.  Once you know what to look for it’s easy and quite impressive.  It was really cool and there are lots of these throughout the country.  We also stopped at the Wisconsin Historical Museum lots of indian artifacts and odd facts about Wisconsin.   All in all a busy fun day.