The weather has been cooperating and we had a good day on Saturday.  We enjoyed a family cookout and it got quite busy here for an afternoon of fun and excitement.  Each year around this time we try to take a photo of the Letourneau men.  Each year it gets a bit harder so when they start to sit I start shooting.  I took 18 photos with 2 keepers…but I like the progression.   It would make an interesting flip book ….like when they show a horse running in 20 pictures and when you flip through it the horse is running.

Top ten events of the weekend:

10.   backyard bubbles

9.  strawberry picking

8.  Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

7 .  guest star AA home from  VA

6.  Harry’s new lego tractor

5.  Pepere’s clamcakes

4.  Harry’s new photo book Turning Three by Memere

3.  Sandpile fun with the boys

2.  oriental pasta salad inspired by the Barefoot Contessa

and at Number One ….Letourneau men photo:lmpg Paul gets most photogenic….Harry comes in second.