In between rain drops yesterday I planted some of my garden: peas, tomatoes, and summer, zucchini, butternut sguashes….trimmed the lawn….weeded the flower garden……washed two dirty cars……and created a DVD of new movies.  The movies are driving me crazy ( a short trip) as I continue to have editing problems.  Also I got to put         L Speed Racer’s VW on YouTube with Mary’s help but I tried to set up my own account and post some other videos there I was  unsuccessful.  I’m thinking I need a Google email…..but I heard on the news Google had a big problem yesterday, they’re not saying much about it though.  So I guess I’ll check my email and see what’s up.

Today the weather is clearing and I will get my hair done and then head to NB to sit with my little ones.   A is home and hope to spend some fun time with her also.