I remember calling my mother, Mumma( like the Queen Mum with an a on the end).  I didn’t  know how to spell that so I would write I love Mom on cards and notes…. but I said Mumma.  My brothers and sisters also said Mumma or Ma.  I always knew how strong  my Mother was physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Where she got that strength I didn’t know, but I respected it always. 

There was an incredible amount of work with ten children, but she often sang with the radio as she worked around the house…..cooking, cleaning, and the  laundry!  She did have a washer,with a hand crank wringer, but no dryer.  We dried clothes on a clothes line  all year.  In summer it made the sheets  feel and smell like the sunshine but in winter everthing froze and then was draped over the radiators to dry.   Of course everyone had their chores and we all went about the business of following my mother’s orders.  If I asked for anything: a drink, a cookie, a pony …..she would answer when you can whistle Dixie and so I learned to whistle Dixie; and got my drink, my cookie and my pony. 

She read the paper and did the crossword daily.  She baked often.  She drank Maxwell House Instant coffee in the biggest cup.  She raised chickens as well as kids.  She loved roosters and had an impressive collection.  She played games and tricks and laughed at our jokes.

And so on Mother’s Day these are the things I remember.

Mumma Turning into your mother is a good thing, proving “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better!”

God Bless my mumma.