It’s nice to be home, all the familiar by ways and highways.  This first thing we noticed when we opened the door was the smell of wood smoke.  It’s a pleasant odor that must be with us where ever we go. M observed on our first night in FL, that his CPAP machine smelled of wood smoke that night.  It makes us realize that is the smell of us and it sure beats the smell of home heating fuel.

 17 19

Our adventures in the Sunshine state were warm and relaxing, again our hosts couldn’t have been more accommodating.  M sat with me by the pool 2 days.  I dipped my toes in the Atlantic Ocean, temperature 78 that was the same as the pool temperature.  We visited the waterfront at Fort Pierce(The Sunrise City), Jensen Beach( All Beach All the Time), Stuart(The Sailfish Capital of the World) and Largo’s  Central Park Nature Preserve. 

Food was a top priority the best meal I had was the Boston Butt, P cooked for us in Port St. Lucie we had a nice Riesling to compliment.  Many of the restaurants are all show for the tourist but I had some nice grilled sea bass at PJ’s in Safety Harbor and the fish at Joe’s Crab Shack in Largo was very good.  Joe’s also offers steaming buckets of crabs lobster and shrimp, it’s a down home comfy spot with galvanized buckets set in the middle of all tables for trash.  Their bathrooms win the best art award as they have created a panoramic mosaic mural on all four walls, ceiling to floor of everything under the sea (I should have gotten a picture).  Archie’s in Jensen Beach had a pirate theme, I had some nice shrimp everyone else had very big burgers.


Well I guess the tale of the week will be walking in the Nature Preserve photographing the birds, fish and turtles when we spooked a 5-foot long alligator into the canal.  The scariest part was I’m sure he had seen us for quite some time and we wouldn’t have seen him til we stepped on him.  Then we saw a bigger one in the water on the other side of the duckweed-covered canal.  M threw some shells at him but he never moved.  I was a bit jumpy after that hearing skittering in the underbrush.  It’s what I wanted to see just no so close and surprising.