I know it’s been awhile…but I’ve been busy. 

M and I spent a few days in Maine with J and L in Farmington and E in Limington( Sorry I missed ya K)…thanks to all for the wonderful Northern Hospitality.  I got to stop and shop at  Reny’s in Farmington and picked up some  placemats and a  pair of shorts….all great deals of course.  It’s a have to stop by and check for the latest deals kind of place.  Here’s the best shot of the weekend, I hadn’t seen one of these in years!  He looked really good and posed nicely for a minute….too bad he was missing that perfect tail.


Also M and I are headed  south to the Florida sunshine on Thursday, it will be the mid 80s with a light breeze.  Stopping by Tampa, Largo,  CoCoa Beach, and Port St. Lucie.  I’m sure it will be a busy week.  I’ve got a new book “Morning Spy Evening Spy ” by Colin MacKinnon , my swim suit, and a bit of suntan lotion SPF30.  How much tan can a white girl tan if a white girl can get tan? 

So ta ta and catch up with  you later!