Well today is the last day of my antibiotics.  I am definitely feeling back to my old self as evident in this busy week:  Tuesday, art class, lunch with L, and a visit to sister P.  Wednesday I baby sat The Boys and we made a Bubble Movie.  We had lots  of fun until the floor got slippery and Harry fell down, ooops.   Also played Tennis and held my own.  Thursday I helped my aunt with the Cabot Club,  it’s a women’s club that gives local scholarships and helps the community,  it’s been around since 1897.   We were entertained by two very talented women from the Burt Wood School of performing Arts.  Friday I went out with my friends shopping, I didn’t buy anything but they got bargains.  Saturday I cleaned up the rocks in the backyard from the pool collapse and we took Mrs. M out to eat for her birthday.

So that was a big week  calmer days ahead close to home…just the way M likes it.

Also I’ve been making DVDs with the movie camera.  This is fun but a slow process as I’m learning how things work.  I tried to edit some of the movies spending about an hour before things crashed and I lost all my work,  But I’m learning and I’ll do one small project at a time and that should be the way yo go.  Then it won’t be too long before I can post a movie of  The Boys…..We’ll see!