The first official day of spring is the Vernal EQUINOX.  This is when The Sun is directly above the equator.  It rises  due East and sets due West and does not do so on the exact same day every year due to the calendar is not exactly 365 persise days every single year. In 2009, spring will arrive on March 20th, as stated above and the Sun will be above the equator, crossing to the northern hemisphere at 11:47pm (ish). 

It’s inevitable but today we had rain and ice and snow.   Just a dusting for accumulation.    The sanders just went by for the first time today.  M was thinking we’d get called out but I guess not this time. 

Here are my stats for the season, I don’t think it’s over….

The snow total….53 inches here at the house. 

M plowed 87.7 hours….R plowed 20 hours….Total hours plowed…..107.7