Well after being sick for a week, I got some cheery news from Magic Hat Brewery .  I entered their Mardi Gras contest and won 2nd prize( there were 20 2nd place winners)…I won a Magic Hat Cooler Chair and a coupon for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream Whooo EEEE I can’t wait to check out my prize.  I guess I’ll have to wait 6-8 weeks for shipping.

Magic Hat their bottles are so cool.  M and I bought a Big Box Sampler.  I’ve been too sick to sample but I can’t waitprettybottles

Here’ the Official email….

Hi Ruth,
Thanks for entering our Magic Hat Mardi Gras Contest! You’ve won second place and a sweet Magic Hat cooler chair! If you could just e-mail us back letting us know your mailing address, we can send it out! Cheers!

~Magic Hat