This actually happened on Friday January 23rd, the temperature was 19.   I started it earlier and left it in drafts.  I saw it today and decided to finish it.  I was home alone at the computer and I heard a sound I thought was coming from the garage.  I checked the driveway and no one was there, so I headed to the big sliding glass doors and saw the water flowing across the backyard.  I couldn’t believe it.  We were worried about the pool’s stability this summer but since it had made it through we wrapped it up for winter, never expecting this!  There is a really big hole under the pool and lots of stone dust got pushed into the garden.  It will definitely be a big clean up this spring.



the big hole with big chunk of ice:p9

We do have another used pool in the garage…just a bit unsure if we’ll start all over.  I’ll keep you posted.