I DO!  Well it used to be when my children were young and had sleep overs no one slept, but with two sweet little boys we all slept pretty well.  William stayed on Friday he played very hard and quickly got settled and slept like a baby… no really.sleeping-baby

Harry stayed on Saturday night and he couldn’t have been happier.  We went grocery shopping and M couldn’t pass up the lobsters.  Harry was thrilled he wanted to keep those lobsters in view.  We put them in the sink and he could have watched them all night.  The legs are wiggling, he kept saying.  Well he enjoyed the little legs, I called them lobster straws, but he didn’t want the meat.  Well we cleaned up, called Mom for a goodnight chat, read Horton Hears a Who and a few more books and then I put him in the playpen.  I don’t like this…I want to go home ….I want my mommy….  I took him bundled him up in a snuggley blanket told him I loved him and we were going to have fun tomorrow and he settled down and went right to sleep.  Fast forward to 4:30 am… I wake up and check on him.  I’ve got to get my glasses and when I do he is sitting cross-legged under the blanket like an indian with two big eyes looking at me.  Now I’m not really awake and I don’t know if he said anything to me but when I asked him if he was OK he said yes.  Where is your bink?  It’s fuzzy and I go wash it.  Then he hears the water pump and and askes what it is.  So I settle him in with his bink and the blanket.  It’s still time to sleep every now and then he asks me something or tells me something but I keep saying listen for the birds they will tell us when it’s time to get up.  He didn’t really go back to sleep and neither did I and at 6:30 we got up for breakfast.  He was happy to play with his toys…he didn’t want to go for a walk or go sledding.  When M got up at 9am and I told him Harry had been awake since 4:30 he said OH that’s when I went back to bed…so I guess harry heard him and started listening for any other noises.  He did have a 2 1/2 hour nap later.  Do you know what kind of cookies Harry likes…..chocolate!2chocoface1