With no snow in the forecast and a big pile of wood under the carport, we decide to hit the road and visit family in the cold north woods.  We arrived a bit before sundown with just enough time for a buzz around the trails, with borrowed gear and an expert guide, I adventure into the beautiful woodlands of Limington.  I needed two hands to hold on traveling at speeds of 50mph and the freezing temperatures I didn’t dare bring the camera along.  I spotted lots of wildlife footprints but we didn’t see any animals.  Of course the theory usually being when you have the camera you see nothing and when you don’t have it you miss some great shots, unfortunately that was not the case on this trip.

Snowmobiling is not for the faint hearted and although mobility is limited when you’re all geared up you are very toasty warm and that is a good thing for me!

  getting-readyto-skidoo112  ready  skidoo  The temperature was -7 on Sunday morning.