Dreams from My Father

I started this a while back and made a  reference to it on Martin Luther King Jr Day. 


Who are the people in the photos on the cover?  Don’t you think that should be in the book somewhere?  yes I believe it is on page 567-568 when he sees his father’s Harvard diploma and old yellowing photographs on his Granny’s walls in Kenya.

 I found this  response online….On the left are his Paternal Grandmother and his Father. On the right are his Maternal Grandfather and his Mother.  That does make sense. 

What were the Dreams from his father?   Get a good education certainly but that would be Dream from my father.  He seems to be searching for his family and roots in Kenya referencing his fathers wish for family with multiple women.

What is it that an organizer in Chicago does?   He states several times in the book he didn’t know how to answer that question and it shows.