Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  A Nobel Peace Prize winner and powerful leader of the tumultuous 1960s.  There is no doubt that MLK changed the course of American history for the better.   His, I have a Dream… is the number 1 speech of the 20th century, according to the American Rhetoric top 100 Speeches

Well why or how did I get started on this journey?  I got the Barack Obama book Dreams from My Father for Christmas.  I’ve been reading it and trying to understand the book and the man.  I’m 3/4 finished and I haven’t figured out what dreams his father gave him.  The title of the book seems to say he got some inspiration from his father and I haven’t found it.  I’ve looked online for book chats or a better understanding.  Why didn’t Oprah do a book club?  …I tried to listen to his speeches and political platform as he ran for president.  I didn’t get it then either.  I did not vote for him because I thought he talks a good game but what is he really saying and what will he DO!  Now he has the oppportunity to show everyone in America, He’s Got Game.  I really hope he succeeds.  Every family that gets foreclosed on, every business that fails,   every mother and father that loses their jobs, every school budget that gets cut…. well doesn’t   everyone want him to succeed.

So today I dream….The 44th President of the United States of American is a leader.  That he lives up to the ideals of another president from Illinois.  Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address seems as relevant to me today as 145 years ago.  High expectations I know but that is the message I have heard from Mr. Obama.

“Dreams from A President Elect, The Change We Need” sounds like a good book to me.  Will he get it done?  Today and tomorrow we as a nation have time to dream, then it’s back to work…changing our government back to the principles of our working mothers and fathers.

Right now I’ll continue reading and if I have to go over the entire book like a high school homework assignment, I will.  Any suggestions?