Sunday the truck got called out at 5:40 am.  M didn’t get much sleep cause he was waiting to get called out.  He plowed til 10:00 am then I took over.  The snow was really heavy from 10 – 2 and I plowed the 4 hours straight before we broke for a lunch break.   I got home and shoveled the walks and stairs before return to plow at 2:30.  The usual crew of 4 trucks met at Star Drive In and waited.  The ramps were in good shape and we heard they knocked off the big trucks so we knew it wouldn’t be too long before they called us off.  So we decided to make one more pass to push back at 3:45pm.  The State called at 4:00pm and knocked us off.  That was an 11 hour storm with 5 hours for M and 6 for me.  I came home and cleaned up our cars.  M did the neighborhood driveways and then we headed for Bay St.  A good days work rewarded with a nice steak dinner.

Then the snow started again… the truck got called at 9:00pm, another long night for M, 12 hours and 2 hours after each storm to do the neighbors and Bay St.  M is exhausted I’m tired but still can’t help but remain awed by  the beauty of Mother Nature.

At 4:00pm just as I was exiting the north bound rest area the sun came out and the snow bound trees looked great.  As I had my camera with me I decide to try and get a good shot from the highest point on 140, the back side of Crosby’s orchard.  Just a few minutes later and the sun changed I missed the perfect shot but I got these. 

img_3401 The pale blue of the sky and each tree outlined in white.

img_3395 a hint of pink sky and white washed forests