I spent the day with M running errands and then we took a trip to WRox, VA.  M had something in his eye.  He had been working on the plow and cutting wood.  They couldn’t find anything and sent him home with eyedrops.

The snow started light and later than expected.  M got called out at 9:34 pm.  I stayed home and made 2 meat pies. 

Sunday, when I got up at 6:45 I called M and he said he be home soon to switch.  I shoveled the stairs and the walks.  M came home for a break and I took over at 8:24 am.  Four trucks met at Star Drive in and headed north… we made two complete trips and the state knocked us off at 9:38 am as the storm is over and we pushed back really well.   So I plowed for an hour.  We got about 3 inches of snow and then it changed to freezing rain…New Bedford I heard got 2.5 inches.

I had my camera with me I just didn’t have time nor did I see any great shots.