2009 started out great for me because…. New Year’s Eve as I was shoveling off the back deck, the temperature is 6 with a wind chill of -10( it felt a lot colder).  I was very cold when I felt something even colder at my waist.  I had a lot to do so I ignored it tightened the belt of my coat and completed my shoveling.  Later…while watching TV I notice I’ve lost my gold necklace and immediately search the house, the bed, everywhere….when I remember something very cold at my waist while shoveling.  Of course it has snowed another inch and I couldn’t see anything on or under the deck.  New Year’s Day I tell M about the missing necklace and my plan to use the metal detector to search the entire yard if necessary.  He assures me that the detector will detect every nail in the deck and we’ll be digging forever, his plan… wait til the snow melts and  then look.  He does take a stick and run it through the snow in hopes that the chain will show up. 

Well, Friday I decide to clean up the deck and walk ways so the sun can melt any slippery parts away…one shovel of snow on the deck and BAM!!!  There is the gold necklace.  It had a broken link but M fixed it.  Now that’s a good start to a new year.  Will it live up to such a great start?  One can only hope!