Saturday it’s like the Winter Wonderland of dreams.  Sorry I hav n’t taken any photos yet.  M came home at 7:00 am after plowing for nearly 24 hours.  We went to Bay St.  I shoveled and he went to get a new plow blade.  Then he plowed out Bay St., our house and 3 of our neighbors before heading to bed.  Now it’s 9:00 am and I am solo in the truck with 3 other trucks plowing.  One guy is newer than me, he has never plowed before.   So we just follow the guy in front … he drops,we drop …he picks up…we pick up no problem.  We make about 3 trips around our assignment and break for lunch…I come home to eat.  M is in bed but hears me so now he’s up.  I report all is well.  At 1:00 pm we meet at Star.  Now there is another new guy…who would have thought with 8 hours of plowing I’d be second senior on the crew and  I’m not talking age.  But off we going one ramp and one rest area down and teh truck is having trouble shifting.  M had told me about this but now the engine is racing and the is not.  Well most of the time we’re traveling at 20 mph with the plow down and there is no problem, but when I need to into get  traffic it’s not shifting right.  Well we finish that run and now Star and notice this button on the shift column flashing Overdrive Off.  There is a button there and I don’t need overdrive when I’m stopped so that’s not really a problem. .. yet.   At 3:00 we start off again and I’m still trying to get  the light off because I will need overdrive soon.  Well it’s not happening and I am pushing and pulling everything I can think of when the end of the handle comes off in my hand.  I take the pieces and put them on the dash I will have to deal with it later,  I ‘ve got to concentrate on plowing now.  Back at Star I decide to see if I can put the thing back together….I accomplish that quite nicely and now decide I need help.  I call the mechanic we know and leave a message.  Then I call my neighbor he doesn’t know how to shut of the light but he advises me Im doing the right thing so I’ll just hang in bit longer.   Well that was my last run as we sat at Star for 2 hours, the lead guy took a nap.  The newest guy took off to help another truck with repairs and I listened to the radio.  At 5:30 M replaced me….he didn’t sleep much… it’s getting dark and he knows I can’t stay out much longer.  I give him a status report and go home.  He comes home right after me to put the new plow blade on and the state called to knock us off at 6:30 pm.  I’m tired, I did my best….that’s it.