The state called the truck out at 11:50 AM.  So M and I got everything together and after 3 return trips to the house for things we forgot we are ready.  One other truck was at the rally point and it hasn’t even started snowing yet.  It started to snow around 2:30 and at three a convoy of 4 trucks started the route.  I was driver #2.  All I had to do was follow the guy in front of me.   I felt confident with M giving me advice about when to put the plow up or down.  Pull over means right and pull out means left.  He only grabbed the wheel once cause I was too close to going off the road.  Everything was going AOK.   Until 6:00 PM the snow was really coming down visibility not much and then M tells me to take the lead.   Now leading is the really hard stuff.  Also heading south on 140 much more traffic than north.  So right now I’m in the heaviest traffic and the heaviest snow with none in front to tell me where I am.  M says when you hear the rumble strip head back out into the traveling lane.   That was very helpful until when you hear the rumble strip the second time is it the right wheel or the lest wheel?  Are you getting closer to the edge of the road or the middle?  And very big trucks want to pass you.  And I wanted them to pass.   M took over at 6:30, and he is very good at it, but there was a white out and we couldn’t see anything.  We got to take a break at 8:15 so we came home and ate.  M went back out and I shoveled the walk and got to post this.  So we’ll see what tomorrow brings.  It looks like the toughest part is over….at least for now.

I measure 8 1/2 inches on the deck.