Yes Its the most wonderful time of the year!   Sure, the house needs work, the streets and stores are crowded but the Christmas Carols are playing.  Harry and Will were here today and Harry likes Rudolph the Red Nose.  We watched  a few clips on YouTube and he was happy with that.  He is definitely noticing everything and he thinks he climb and get what ever he wants.   So we had a few timeouts and he will not climb on the coffee table and then on the speaker to get something that I  put up high so he wouldn’t get it.  Will was playing so nicely at home and then we went to Fairhaven he had a great time.  Then we came to ET and he only wanted what  Harry had… and Harry didn’t want him to have what he had …so we had a few rounds of what I’ll  call Flag Toys, something like Flag Football but with toys.  There was no tackling but a lot of grabbing and dodging.    William left with a few more bumbs and the binky.  Harry had his lamby.  I think they will fall asleep on the way home.  Sweet Dreams and see you soon.