Today I honor all our men and women; past and present who served this great country. 

Those closest to me are…

Navy:  My Husband, he served in Vietnam in 1967 aboard the USS Intrepid


My father-in-law, he served aboard the USS Strauss   Uncle Capt. G. Thuot and son Commander P. Thuot

Army: My dad, his three brothers, my son Paul, my brother Jay, Mike’s cousin John and my brother Mike’s son and grandson Noel( Noel is currently deployed in Iraq) 

Marines: Three brothers, Mike, Jon, Ed and Paul’s friend Justin( Justin continues to serve in the Army National Guard at Otis airbase)

National Guard: My brother Gil

Air Force: Our neighbor David, he also served in the Army reserves, and Active Army.  He retired a few years ago with over 30 years combined service.