Nice win! I had all my gear on today so they didn’t do it alone.  I enjoyed the whole game.  The highlight for me was the last drive in the forth quarter we were ahead 13 to 3 and then score a touchdown, making it 20 to 3, with 1.56 minutes left on the clock.  Then Buffalo makes an 85 yard kick return and a 15 yard touchdown pass in about 15 seconds.  Now its 20 to 10. Buffalo goes for the onside kick, the  ball need travel 10 yards… it didn’t Buffao thought they recovered but we got it and took a knee for the win.  Nice job Cassell and crew keep it up.  BenJarvis Green-Ellis really stepped up the running game and Ellis hobbes had a interception.  Defense and offense did what needed to be done.  Want to see Belichecks post game press conference?  Click here.  This week is a short one as we meet the Jets and Brett Farve on Thursday, should be a good.  I know what I’ll be doing Thrusday evening.