Well it’s raining, the temperature is 57, so many things to do…..so I downloaded the November pictures off my camera and here’s what I found.

1                                            This is a Dutch Apple Pancake, my new favorite recipe thanks to SS.  Sooooo simple and yummy!  Let me know if you agree.

1 c flour        1 c milk           4 eggs        4 apples     1/2 stick of butter     

Peel the apples and slice thinly.   Melt the butter in the pie plate as you preheat oven to 375.  Beat eggs slightly and add flour and milk,  mix with a fork the batter will be lumpy, and pour over the melted butter.  Layer the apples any way you want, sprinkle with a bit sugar and cinnamon and cook for  25-30 minutes.  It will be puffy like a soufle but as it cools it will fall.  I like to drizzle pure maple syrup on top.  It’s good for breakfast or dessert.  I would make it right now but I’m in the middle of strawberry shortcake.