Monday and Tuesday I worked in the yard, the weather was perfect.  I cleaned up the garden a bit and raked leaves.  When cleaning up the cone flowers I did find one giant black fuzzy caterpillar with red bands, I thought I’d save for Harry.  I put him on the stairs and when I went to find him again he was gone.   Guess I will have to keep my camera and bug jar closer.   Mike got all the lawn mowers going and we really did a job on the leaves.

Also under the cone flowers was some oregano, I knew it was there but just forgot about it.  I think the cone flowers have protected it from frost.  I harvested it and it’s drying in the front bedroom as when I brought it in and put it on the table Mike started sneezing.  His comment “You know I’m sensitive to perfumey smells”


Also I brought in the last of my dalias. I dug them up and stored them in sawdust for winter.  Also brought in my geranium but I have no place to but it.  What’s a gardener to do?  Perhaps Mary has some room?  It looks a little sad because the hard frost nipped at her but I believe she’ll come back.  I’ll keep you posted.

Last the bulldozer has returned,

but it has become a haven for the chipmunks, wrens, titmice and finches. 

 This morning I could hear someone banging on the house.  I grabbed the camera and headed out the back.  I had thought it was a bird in the front of the house when it was one right above the back door light.  I think it was a titmouse, we’ve heard them and seen them.  I guess they’re after bugs between the shingles but this shutter bug isn’t fast enough….yet!