Well I put away my Red Sox World Series Champions afghan  yesterday.  It was hard but we had a really great season( not the best but GREAT).  They really played the heart strings.  We’re first, we’re not first.  We’re healthy , we’re not healthy.  It aint over til it’s over!  We can do it! We didn’t do it.  I think TB is going all the way with a sweep!

So its over but there is always next year. Thanks for the ride guys.  My favorites Pedroia most hits in the league 213, Ellsbury most stolen bases 50, Lester most innings pitched 210, Youkilis best third base/ first base hitter, even Jason Bay,

what a job he did for the team.  He made me a BAYliever. In the mean time we have the ……

PATRIOTS record 4-2 and they crushed Denver on MNF.  I missed the game and I have no excuse.  I hate to miss a game and a winning game there is no excuse.  Well I expect they we send us on a rollercoaster ride this season.  Which we anything can happen.  So I’ll just hold on for the ride.