Some lucky couple celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary ( spelled this by myself) with a weekend away and a lucky Memere got to spend the weekend with Will.  Harry spent the weekend with Vo and Grandpapa.

Will was the perfect gentleman of course just a bit weery of who was in his room Friday night at midnight.  He was fussing just a bit and when I went to check him he did about 3 double takes with the biggest eyes.  He settled down when he heard my voice. 

I think he is in a growth spurt right now.  With a fierce grip on your thumb or finger, he’ll walk all over but he’s not ready to let go yet.  We did have a little upset with the green ceramic caterpillar, I caught it in mid air but it’s tail hit the TV stand; a little glue and you won’t even notice.

The weather was perfect for Harry and I to take a walk down the bike path in Fairhaven on Sunday.  He wanted to see the anger cows(angus).  They are black.  He can say black angus but I guess he prefers anger cows I can understand that.  We saw 2 beautiful monarchs, 2 pill bugs, a flock of sparrows on the fence, and a nice greenish butterfly (a clouded sulfur should have taken my camera).  The cows were not out and a very big dog ended our walk.

Here are the best photos of the weekend.