Fall my favorite time of year.  Sweater weather walking in the beautful foliage.

The birds are feasting in our grape vine.  Every morning the trees around our backyard are full of robins, bluejays, starlings, finches and cardinals.  it’s quite a racket out there.  Of course there have also been lots of yellow jackets to keep me away.    Mike was thinking of trying his luck at wine making this year.  I thought we were going to get some jelly but the birds and the hornets have really taken a toll.

We’ve also heard hawks screeching on both sides of the house.  Today a huge one flew through the backyard it looked the size of a eagle.  A Red tail is 19 inches long with a wingspan of 49 inches and it is the most popular around here, so that’s my guess.  For positive ID I have to see them longer, it takes a minute or two  brain to translate what it just saw .  While it takes only seconds for this glider cross the backyard.