First we’ll start with a hurricane update….Hanna is in the Canadian maritimes and here in ET we faired very well.  No rains down the fireplace and all the trees still standing.  Thank the good Lord.  Ike appears to be headed straight into the Gulf my best goes out to anyone in his path.

 Today I baked another peach pie.  It’s a big one with 21 peaches from our own little peach tree.  I still have enough for a batch of peach preserves.

This peach tree popped up in our compost pile about 8 years ago.  We let it get some hieght to it before we moved it our in the yard.  This is the second year we got a decent crop.  Last years crop went to the squirrels and deer. 

It is located about 10 feet from the wooded property line and it is a bit lopsided because it’s reaching for the sun away from the woods.  Last October we put Inka to rest right under those little branches.  Mike is sure she’s responsible for this years crop.  I should have taken a picture before we picked but I didn’t, perhaps next year.