There I’ve done it again!

I was busily baking the other day and lost track of time.  When I checked on my peach pie it had just started to bubble over, I thought it was browned enough and took it out.  Next I checked that the bottom crust was also brown enough.  Confident that it was cooked, I set it on the table to cool.

After supper Mike was ready to dive in, oops  the bottom crust was not done.  This did not deter him but we new we would put it in for a few more minutes.

Well the next day Sunday we loosened the entire pie  flipped it over into another pie plate molded it into a pie shape and popped it in for another 2o minutes.  It needed another 20 minutes put came out looking….well interesting.

Now here’s the great part  and I know you’ve waited long enough for it….  Harry came in and said it smells good in here!  Yep that’s it and it now seems quite worth the time, effort, and gas in baking a pie twice.

I didn’t take a picture of the whole pie but here’s a slice.