Living here in New England, hurricanes have always been apart of our lives.  In school I taught a weather unit on hurricanes.  Weekly Reader always devoted a week to hurricanes.  I would track each one on a chart from Benny’s; and when the internet came along tracking was so much easier for kids to see and follow.  Everyone watched the weather: stocked up on batteries, water, food and after Hurricane Bob in 1991 we even purchased a generator( which thank the good lord we have not had to use).  The TV and newspapers remind us of the big ones and after Katrina no one takes any of this lightly.

But the worst I remember was Michael going out in the middle of Bob  to cut down a tree that  was threating to up root our entire septic system.  Again thankfully things worked out for us.

This year we had been planning to vacation in our timeshare at Cocoa Beach, Fl for the second time.  No more school meant plenty of time to drive at our leisure and see more of this beautifull country.  But guess who’s coming to visit the Sunshine State this week?  Hanna, Ike, and Josephine!  How did two intellegent people buy timeshare in the middle of the hurricane season?  Just lucky I guess.

So should we venture off into the eye of the storms and seek our vacation fortune.  Stay tuned.