Mike and I just got back for our 4 day north country trip.

We left Thursday AM trying to calculate the Boston traffic and the on coming storms just right.  We managed well through Boston and the storms till 3 miles from the house when we encounter rushing water across the road and a DPW guy telling us wait for the oncoming traffic, then you’ll be alright but just up the road it’s worse.  We tell him we are only going 3 more miles.  Well the Boy Scout Camp is just up the road you’ll be in it.  Sure enough just around the corner more water across the road this is much worse.  There are police men there but they are not interested in us, 2 DPW trucks, 50 yards of rushing rippling water to cross, it’s a good thing we had the Lincoln and not the Jaguar.

We made it! The little stream across from the house is now a raging torrent, well they have had about 17 days of rain here in Eden Mills.  Come to find out they were evacuating the 150 boys at the Boys Scout Camp.  All night long and all day Friday they were trucking gravel up Route 100, Mike tried to chase them and finally found them going to the other side of Lake Eden.  Later the boy scouts were allowed back.

We celebrated with Mary and Larson at Harrison’s in Stowe.  With a name like that you know we had to go.

I had a great Haddock fillet with Havarti Dill cheese a lemon cream sauce, “I think I can do that.”  and a nice bottle of wine.  The exciting event of the evening was when Mary took us up Mountain Rd. to Smuggler’s Notch, racing the darkness.  It reminded me of Pierre’s boat ride at Lake Anna, hold on tight.  Now that I’ve done it and survived I’ll go again.  Love Ya Mary!

Then on Friday we worked together on replacing Mary’s back steps, it was a good project and we all got along well except when our paint got on Mike. 

We’ll have to go back and do the front stairs next.