We traveled west of the Blue Ridge Parkway but we could see it and the mountains were beautiful.  The weather was hot but the sky and clouds, picture perfect and we are in an air conditioned car.  My feet have been freezing so I am now wearing shoes and socks.


We stopped at the Wattstull Inn and Restaurant  just west of the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance, what a great panoramic view.

Mike was up early to see the sunrise and a collection of moths.


So we get an early start and head for Lake Anna in Mineral, VA.  Mike’s cousin has a house there and we will spend the night with them.  Along the way we have just the kind of breakfast that Mike has been missing: 3 eggs, 2 strips bacon, 1 sausage patty, country fried ham and toast.  I have Gramma’s blueberry muffins I’m telling you melt in your mouth great.  Cracker Barrel we’ll be back.

The highlight of our entire trip was a day at Lake Anna, Virginia with Mike’s cousin:  temp 114 in the sun.  Speed boat ride and graduation party with complete strangers was very enjoyable.  Especially when one delightful lady thought she detected a European accent when I spoke.  I was completely enamoured and agreed of course I am a European socialite but was quickly given up by my Virginian hosts.  She also loved my hair.  What a beautiful and sophisticated lady.  It does take one to know one!