If you like the Patriots and Movies (and who doesn’t) you gotta read this; it’s from Patriots Football Weekly.

What a Release__Summer’s here

By Fred Kirsch
The first wave of summer heat hit New England hard over the weekend. It was so hot at the Patriots minicamp, players had to put sunscreen on their helmets. It was so hot the thermometer read, “Are you kidding me?” It was so hot guys were passing gas just for the breeze. It was so hot … OK, you get it, it was HOT!

The rise in temperature means training camp can’t be far away but first, as has been tradition since the mid-’90s, the summer movie list, PFW style.

  • “The Strangers” kicks off this summer’s blockbusters as a group of rookies and undrafted free agents terrorize coaches with how little they know and how much they have to learn.
  • The most dominant football team of this century is exposed to toxic and radioactive journalism practices causing a molecular change to their bodies. When the whistle blows on Sundays they become “The Incredible Hulks.”
  • A former Patriots backup quarterback makes good in the Arena League in “You Don’t Mess With the Rohan.”
  • One player’s search for redemption as he picks up the pieces of his life while being mentored by T.O. in Dallas – it’s “Pacman Jones and the Kingdom of the Misplaced Skill.” Alternate title: “What Happens in Vegas.”
  • Will Smith plays Scott Pioli, a super-hero VP of Personnel who attempts to sign all his draft picks prior to training camp. “John Hancock” will be the signature film for all NFL front offices.
  • He might be a first-round stud linebacker out of college but on the Patriots, he’s just a rookie. Not only is he forced to carry veterans’ equipment off the field, he’s also made to wash, dry and press everyone’s jersey, making sure they are wrinkle-free. Jerod Mayo is “Iron Man.”
  • A desperate overseas phone call. A plea for justice. A denial of the facts. International intrigue and high-level tension makes “Refusenik” the must-see movie of the summer. Starring Robert Kraft and Vladmir Putin. Here’s an excerpt:”Hello?”

    “I want my ring back.”

    “Robert, comrade, what on earth are you talking about?”

    “You know, the ring I let you LOOK AT that you then pocketed.”

    “My connection is bad, I can’t understand you …”

    The saga continues.

  • Can a man find love in a sprawling metropolis? Can a city love a man who teases and then spurns their advances? Find out with the city of Chicago as it explores the gut-wrenching and heartbreaking affair with a journeyman quarterback under center. “Rex and the City” is coming to a theater near you.

And some PFW originals, just out on DVD …

  • Don’t watch this horror classic alone! He’s back at Dolphins headquarters complete with capezios, an axe to grind and hunting Tuna. Get ready for “Jason Returns.”
  • Former free agent Patriots offensive linemen who never made it through training camp travel the country asking convenience store clerks to “choose” as they flip a coin. After it lands, they grab handfuls of Slim Jims without paying. “No Country for Old Men” is “unnerving” says USA Today.
  • Bucking the trend and despite cries for reason, the Pittsburgh Steelers refuse to replace their overused grass field with the fake stuff. Merrill Hoge is riveting as the Steelers lone defender in “There Will Be Mud.”