Why do we say Arkansaw and spell it Arkansas?

Anyway today we will review day three.

Is Texarkana in Texas or Arkansas?

Both, the post office is half in Texas and half in Arkansas.  The border between Texas and Arkansas runs along the yellow center line of State Line Avenue.

Arkansas was just as hot as Texas but the trees are bigger with bigger leaves and they had shade, that’s nice.  The land was very flat with lots of what Mike insisted was rice fields.  OK I had no idea and at 70 mph how could we tell? 

We ate at the oldest diner in Texarkana, the Dixie Diner.  Nice place not so good food.  Mike and I each had soup Broccoli for him and potato for me it was sort of like mashed potatoes.  Who can mess up mashed potatoes?  Adam our waiter was most polite  and attentive, we were supposed to get corn bread and we didn’t.  But Adam apologized and returned straight away with 5 piece of cornbread and 5 dinner rolls.  “Wait this is too much we can’t eat all that” we tell him.  “Heck most folks around here eat that and ask for seconds.”he replied.  “You aint from around here are yall?”  So I say the Dixie Diner is worth the trip.  The inside is decorated with license plates from every state and lots of other interesting photos and gagdets.  The ceiling had dollar bills stuck on it and Adam was more than happy to explain.  You take a dollar pierce it with a tack, place a quarter on the tack, and wrap it up nice and tight.  Then throw the wad up at the ceiling the tack sticks in, the dollar stays up there,  and the quarter comes back down.  “I’ve tried a hundred times and I kaint get it fight.” he says. So I figured I had no chance but the next time I’m in Texarkana I’m going right to the Dixie Diner and give it a try. You should too and ask for Adam he’s cute.